Applications / Papers

Call for papers


We call on anyone interested to apply to present at the XIII Ibero-Latin American Congress of Rural Studies CIER.

Proposals will be welcomed until 29 Januaryth, March, 2021.

Applications must be submitted through the registration system, selecting the area of interest, including the title and a proposal for the presentation (maximum 500 words) with keywords. All questions, queries and concerns should be directed to and they will be answered as quickly as possible.


Upon notification that your proposal has been accepted, papers will be welcomed as per the schedule defined in the calendar below. The texts must be uploaded to the registration system in PDF format, unencrypted, and should not exceed 2000 words (Arial, 11, simple spacing).

The scientific committee will send comments and/or suggestions for any corrections to each participant. Thereafter, the edited version of the paper must be uploaded to the registration system by 15 June or 30 August 2021 with the aforementioned requirements.